The Two (2021)

The Two is a series of black and white images using fictive play as a method of examining architecture and the environment. Following an anonymous duo as they explore an alien landscape, the images cast Singapore as a surreal backdrop against which these beings step foot into and move in a curious wonderment. Devoid of colour and of recognizable faces, the series sets a focus on the shapes, lines, and textures of the built environment, lensing the city as a simultaneously familiar and foreign object in and of itself, a sentiment not uncommon considering the pace of change and the speculative potential of the directions the city-state is headedi n. Central to the sequence is the way the duo manages to contain their own private world through the intimacy of their companionship, a nod to everyday instinctive gestures of creating belonging in space.

Commissioned for the Singapore Pavilion at the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale.