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︎ GOOD MORNING YOUNG BODY (2021-2023), video, 6mins

The video uses as its basis found footage and material of the artist’s time as a preteen TV actor in the early 2000s in Singapore, a time of an unregulated internet and nascent image distribution. Through the use of a deep-fake, the video resurrects the series character, E-Ching, to address the politics of the gaze, the femme-presenting body, and agency. By compressing time and space, the eternal 12-year-old E-Ching offers a revisionist narrative that holds a yearning for freedom. 

Technical director: Jonathan Chan

︎ pixel-code, flesh-bone (2022), performance-lecture

︎ girlhood (2022), table-top role-playing game

︎ bubble (2022-2023)

bubble is an interactive chatbot featuring the character E-Ching as she leads the participant through a series of questions and answers. Using trust, access, and rejection as underpinning tools, the chatbot allows for numerous outcomes depending on the participant’s willingness to share vulnerabilities, thereby addressing notions of power, authority, and service.

︎ public solitude (2022), 2-channel video installation 

public solitude is a two-channel video contemplating the manifestations of E-Ching following prompts related to desirability, performance, and reality. Drawing from dramaturgical pedagogy, Stanislavski’s theory of public solitude as a means of freeing the actor from an audience, as well as the politics of the public gaze, the two channels are a correspondence of conflicting values surfacing the (im)possibilities of freedom.

︎ How To Be A Little Girl On The Internet (2022), workshop

How To Be A Little Girl On The Internet is a request for patchworked wisdom on pixellated agency, body safety, and reclamation. The workshop situates the participant in engagement with the character-avatar E-Ching as they navigate potholes of web highways - image circulation, puberty in public, fetishised flesh, and more - and re-route themselves to emancipatory possibilities. Grounded and steered by various cyber-feminist texts, the workshop is an attempt to shape itself into a multi-modal treatise on contemporary gendered online life.